Take my hand and lead me …

Be patient, has a soft voice and wisdom of the gods, be strong, perfect and imperfect. Look around and see how many surprises life has in store. I close my eyes and feel you, watching me from afar like a cat. Do nothing, just look at me. I do not want to do the impossible. We are cut by the displacement of the hands of time. Each grain of sand falls, joins the others and shapes our time, like a drawing done by hand. You and I have a pencil and an eraser in his hand. Want to forget it all? Pass the rubber, either repair or add something? Take the pencil and eraser and change my story. Gently slide, but at the same time is strong and violent. Traces hard, strong and impressive, leave marks on paper, and when they are beautiful, no eraser that makes clear. Leave your mark, the way you want. I understand my way, and if I do not understand, take my hand and teach me how to do it. Surprises me, once again, take my hands and make me feel … alive!


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