I was a stalker?

And to think I saw him almost every morning … in the distance, sitting in the road bus, all in black shirts and thoughtful. Today I’d give anything to know what there thinking at that moment, but I just appreciate their beauty from afar, and when you got on the bus, I thought: “Will you remember me?”. And so went our way, you went to college, I believe, and I to the college as well, and work. We never talked, I just watched you without you realizing it …

Don’t be afraid, I’m just an ordinary woman, full of secrets to tell. A woman who shrinks to sleep, like a shell with a grain of sand inside … as the rain falls outside, and thousands of questions echoes in my head and one of them is: “Why?”, “Why I you can not get more of my dreams? Why are you so good a nightmare, which came at a time so horrible? “is just Sandman’s trick? he thinks I’m his puppet? I never wanted so much that he moved the strings in the middle of it so … so many nightmares, you come down the stairs, but I’m too far to reach me with my hands and touch his face and give you a kiss …


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