Let me know…

Silence all deserve your respect. We will have time and patience, we will live our lives and the sand slip through our fingers, and when there is more grain, just be sure there will be a single day to come. And then remember everything about what I said to him, and will one day tell me why could not sleep, but perhaps out of fear or pride, after all the sleepless nights, and my own, I wanted to know if it’s one less thing impossible apart. After each time grain take your place, let me know if I can still rise to touch the sky or walking in the rain with me …

If you’re not, tell me now, I would not do what you do not want. But I just need to know if it’s real. I need to know that the fact that you have made me feel alive was true or just a bad joke. I do not blame you have that effect on me …

Gute natch mein Liebe. What in your dreams find the answer you are looking for …


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